03.12.2006  Last show of this season ...  

At the National Show in Nowa Ruda NEMROD got CWC, Best Male and Best of Breed titles. SZABELKA has added another CWC and Best Female titles to her show career!


10.11.2006  POZNAN Word Dog Show!!!

The World Dog Show is already finished ...

We can be proud as several dogs from our kennel got the highest prizes. The most important title - World Winner 2006 and Best of Breed got our NEMROD, who at the same time is the first dog of his breed to get this title! What's more, NEMROD has been placed 3rd in the BIS of Polish Breeds. 4th place in champions class for MAUR. Intermediate class 2 place for ROKOSZ. Open class winner with CWC - OPUS, just behind him - PAR FORCE. Females junior class Winner has been our SAMBA, who got aswell Junior World Winner 2006 title and BOB Junior!!! Second in intermedium class - SZABLA, 3rd in open - PSOTA.  SEE A PHOTO REPORT  

This is a very important show for Polish Hunting Dog, as after several years of waiting the breed is finally registered in FCI!!


22.10.2006  BUDAPEST Mid East Europe Cup!

We've just left behind one more important Show! This time our successes are: NEMROD - CAC, Mid-East Europe Winner 2006, BOB, BOG, Best Dog of Mid-East Europe seccion, Reserve BIS of Mid-East European breeds. SZABLA - CAC, Mid-East Europe Winner 2006!!!  SEE PICTURES



Today on National Show in Zabrze our dogs again were matchless in the ring! PAR FORCE as reprezentative in working class – CWC, NEMROD defeated his opponents in champion's class and received CWC and BOS, and our youngest offspring - SZABLA another time was the best – victory in intermediate class and CWC, BOS, BOB, III BOG from Czech judge and II BIS Polish Breeds!!!  SEE PICTURES



New photos of dogs from our kennel …



At today's Show in Rybnik we've shown 2 dogs, MAUR Klusujaca Sfora FCI in champions class received again Excellent 1st and CWC, but the best today was SZABLA who gained CWC, Best Female, Best of Breed, Reserve of Group and BIS of Polish Breeds titles!  SEE PICTURES

Also today in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki PSOTA Klusujaca Sfora FCI has became the best dog of her breed by winning CWC, Best Female and Best of Breed titles, congratulations!



We've won again! This time at the International Show in Wroclaw. PAR FORCE gained again CWC in working class, NEMROD has been shown as the only champion male but he became Best Male. In between females SAMBA Klusujaca Sfora FCI won in intermedium class, SZABELKA in open + Best Female and Best of Breed titles! Unfortunately this time we couldn't take part in the finals PHOTO REPORT



New photos of NEMROD, SZABLA, PSOTA, OPUS, SAMBA and RYSA Klusujaca Sfora FCI.



New photos of U litter  SEE PICTURES


17.09.2006  Club Show of Polish Breeds!!!

Our dogs triumphing at the Club Show of Polish Breeds in Swierklaniec. Our kennel has been recognized once again as the Best Kennel, what's more Club Winner 2006 in between males gained NEMROD and in betwen females – SZABLA, who got aswell the most important title of the show – Best In Show!!!  SEE DETAILS



At the National Show in Chorzow OPUS Klusujaca Sfora FCI has been the representation of our kennel - he got Exc.1st in his class. Also MAUR Klusujaca Sfora FCI attented this show and got CWC, Best Male, BOB, BOG and BIS of Polish Breeds - congratulations!!



OPUS Klusujaca Sfora FCI finishes his Polish Championship At the National Show in Nowy Targ, congratulations!

New successes of dog from our kennel, this time at the National Show in Bialystok. PSOTA Klusujaca Sfora FCI got CWC and Best Female titles. She has repeated this success at the show in Warsaw on September 9th where she got aswell Best of Breed title and finished 3rd in BIS of Polish Breeds, congratulations!  SEE SOME NEW PHOTOS OF PSOTKA



New pictures of "T" litter  SEE PICTURES



New photos of dogs from our kennel, this time they are: LEZKA, LOZA, LUNA, PSOTA, RYSA Klusujaca Sfora FCI


07.08.2006  New litter in the kennel!

The mother of actual U litter is LANCA Klusujaca Sfora FCI and the father is the most titled dog in our kennel NEMROD  SEE DETAILS



See some new photos from the finals in Helsinki  DETAILS

We spend another weekend with our dogs in a show. This time a National Show in Legnica, and our dogs take it all once again! PAR FORCE wins working class and finishes his Polish Championship! Two sisters - SAMBA and SZABLA meets in juniors class, this time SAMBA gets the Junior Winner title. PHARA Klusujaca Sfora FCI finishes his Polish Championship – congratulations!
But that's not all -
PAR FORCE gets Best Male title and Best of Breed. In the finals, he is Reserve BIS of Polish Breeds, BIS of Working Breeds, BOG and the finalist of BIS! 



See some new photos from the finals in Helsinki  DETAILS



See new photos of the puppies  DETAILS

At the first Show organised by Bedzin Kennel Club our dogs have received: OPUS Klusujaca Sfora FCI - intermedium class - Excellent 1st, MAUR - champions class - CWC, Best Opposite Sex, SAMBA - juniors class - Junior Winner title once again. Our representant of intermedium class - PHARA - took it all: CWC, Best Female, Best of Breed, Reserve of Group and Reserve BIS of Polish Breeds. Congratulations



See new photos of the puppies  DETAILS



At the International Show in Warsaw our only dog PSOTA Klusujaca Sfora FCI was representing was representing our kennel in a great way by getting CWC and Best Opposite Sex title, congratulations!!

Also NEMROD took part in this show in a bit different way.... his photo was in the cover of the catalogue and show announcements!  DETAILS



New photos of the dogs, this time please visit MOCART and PHARA’S Klusujaca Sfora FCI galleries. We have new puppy pictures aswell!



New photos of LANCA and NUTKA Klusujaca Sfora FCI J



At the International Show in Krakow SAMBA Klusujaca Sfora FCI finishes her Junior Polish Championship – congratulations!


24/25.06.2006  We’ve got puppies!!!

Our first female, the foundator of our kennel - LUTNIA Cnotliwy Nos became mother for the last time DETAILS



This weekend our dogs got: Kalisz - PHARA Klusujaca Sfora FCI - CWC, Best Female. Lublin – RYM -  Junior Winner. Raciborz - MAUR - CWC, Best Male, BOB, Reserve of Group!!!


09.06.2006  European Dog Show HELSINKI!!!

Spectacular success of our dogs: NEMROD – CACIB, European Champion 2006, Finish Champion and Best of Breed, SZABLA - Junior European Champion!!!  SEE PICTURES



The photo galery of SAMBA Klusujaca Sfora FCI has been updated – new photos from the Show in Ksiaz.



Interational Dog Show Leszno – our dogs once again show their quality NEMROD: CWC, CACIB, BOB and Reserve of BOG, PAR FORCE - CWC, Res. CACIB, SZABLA wins once again juniors class, becomes BOB Junior and a finalist of BIS Junior! What’s more NEMROD & SZABLA 2nd Best Brace of Sunday!!!



New photos of our dogs NEMROD, PAR FORCE and SZABLA in the countryside …



National Show in Bytom, next successes of our dogs: PAR FORCE - CWC, NEMROD CWC, Best Male, BOB and BIS of Polish Breeds, SZABLA once again confirmes her quality by winning the class, getting Junior Winner title and placing herself at 2nd place in BIS Junior Females in a strong competition!  SEE PICTURES



Next success - National Dog Show - Jelenia Gora. PAR FORCE - CWC and BIS of Working Breeds! SZABLA - Junior Winner, BOB Junior and finishes her Junior Championship! NEMROD - CWC, Best Male, BOB and BOG! But that's not all NEMROD and SZABLA - Best Brace in Show Jelenia Gora SEE PICTURES



International Dog Show Lodz: PAR FORCE - CWC + Best Opposite Sex!!! SZABLA - once again Best Junior and Best of Breed and 2nd Best of Polish Breeds!!!  SEE PICTURES



New photos of dogs living in our kennel and not only J



Next success of our dogs! International Show Katowice  DETAILS



At Champion’s Show NEMROD gets Best of Breed and arrives to the final of Best of Group & Best In Show competition  SEE PICTURES



Top dogs of Opolszczyzna area has already been choosen  DETAILS



Good start of the show season! – National Show Glogow.  



Starts working new website dedicated to my kennel. Welcome!



NEMROD Klusujaca Sfora FCI gets in a beautiful style a diplom of 2nd degree at the working proof in Komorno.



ORLIK and PAR FORCE Klusujaca Sfora FCI get a diplom of 1st degree at the working proof in Chrzelice.

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