I'm allowed to judge the following FCI groups:

Group IV FCI - Dachshunds (National Judge)
Group VI FCI
- Scent hounds and related breeds - all breeds (International Judge)
Group V FCI - Spitz and primitive types - all breeds (International Judge)
Group VII FCI - Brittish pointers (International Judge)
Group VIII FCI - Retrievers, flushing dogs, water dogs (International Judge)
Group X FCI - Sighthounds - all breeds (International Judge)
BIS Judge


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GRZEGORZ WERON Photo by Monika Milian

To owners of dogs bred in "Kłusująca Sfora FCI"

As the breeder of your dogs I know their show value so if you want me to
share my opinion about them I kindly invite you for a private conversation
instead of holding a public debate in the show ring :-))

With best regards,
Grzegorz Weron